Angry grandmother tries to shut down Microsoft Surface launch event

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Not everyone has been overjoyed with the release of the new Microsoft Surface tablet. But most people take issue with the Windows RT operating system, and not generally with the launch itself.

However, that's not quite the case for one Chinese grandmother. At an open-air event in Beijing, China on the evening of Oct. 25, Microsoft held an apparently very noisy launch party to celebrate the release of the new tablet.

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You can see for yourself how that grandmother reacted — and how Microsoft reacted to her:

As Kotaku points out, you can see that the woman is actually dragged off the stage by security, along with her husband (in red).

The reason for her outburst? Her grandchildren were being kept awake by the noise, and they had school the next day.

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Maybe next time, Microsoft will plan their events for earlier in the day. Or ban senior citizens from them entirely.

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