How big is too big? Samsung’s new smartphone will reportedly feature 5.8-inch screen

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"The bigger, the better" is a term that doesn't often apply to cell phones.

Since the dawn of the first mobile phone, manufacturers had strived to make the things as small as can be. From the bricks that Zach Morris made famous to the keychain used in the film "Zoolander," the term "the smaller, the better" seems to more accurately describe the natural evolution of the cell phone.

The smartphone, however, is a different beast, and as we continue to grow fond of the things we can do on a touchscreen, manufacturers have seemingly shifted focus to monstrous mobile phones that would make the state of Texas proud.

As BGR reports, Samsung is preparing to go big or go home with the "Galaxy Fonblet," a new smartphone that features a 5.8-inch screen. Initially set to go on sale in Europe, the Fonblet is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8, a media player exclusively sold in Korea.

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If you're thinking this might be a little too much smartphone, you're not alone. I can only imagine what it must feel like to walk around with the bulge of a small book in your pant pocket. And if the rumours are true, smartphones could be getting even bigger.

Samsung is also preparing to launch a third generation Galaxy Note with a 6.3-inch display, according to BGR. And I thought 5.8-inches was big!

"Samsung's apparent determination to fill every conceivable size gap between tiny smartphone and large tablet is hard to fathom," says Will Shanklin in a Gizmag blog. "But then again, a 5.8-inch smartphone could potentially hit a sweet spot for customers who only want one mobile device."

It's tough to argue against Samsung, one of — if not the — most successful mobile manufacturers in the world. But how big is too big? I mean, just look at the photo above. When exactly did the smartphone begin to transform from a cell phone that functions as a tablet, to a tablet that can place phone calls?

And better yet, how big do we go before we hit the ceiling? At this rate, we'll soon be wearing MC Hammer pants just to fit our phones into our pockets.

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