Bring your scribbles to life with the world’s first 3D printing pen

Tori Floyd
The Right ClickFebruary 20, 2013

After being on KickStarter for only one day, the 3Doodler 3D printing pen has smashed through its funding goal of $30,000, raising over $710,000 at the time of writing.

What likely attracted the attention of over 8,000 backers (and counting) is the affordability of this 3D printing technology. It’s not going to let you print out a house or a case for your phone, but it also won’t run you thousands of dollars like a traditional 3D printer will. You can get a full 3Doodler pen and two bags of mixed colour plastic for a pledge of only $75 on the KickStarter campaign.

Instead of drawing with ink, the 3Doodler uses ABS plastic, the same material used in many other 3D printers. It extrudes the heated plastic and it quickly cools, solidifying and keeping the shape you drew in three-dimensional space. Once you’re finished, you’ve got a 3D plastic model that you just drew out of thin air.

You can hear the pitch and, more importantly, watch the pen in action here:

If you’re quick, you can pledge now and get one of the approximately 5000 3Doodlers available through the KickStarter campaign, and it looks like WobbleWorks will send it to you this fall.

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