Must-Have Monday: Watch TV in bed without the bother of lifting your head

The Right Click

Are you as sick of having to hold your head up as I am? Well, have I found the glasses for you.

Your days of lifting up your noggin to watch television or read in bed are over, thanks to Reizen Prism Bed Spectacles. These unique (albeit possibly not the most stylish) glasses have two built-in mirrors, angled in such a way that the images on screen or pages of a book are reflected on the lenses, so you don’t have to strain your neck for the optimal viewing angle.

If the tortoiseshell isn’t your colour, or if this particular design is too bulky, a quick search through Amazon will give you plenty of other options for a pair of prism glasses, and one of them is bound to be just the style for you.

Some people who have reviewed these glasses have complained that they don’t work well when used with their existing reading glasses, but there are some styles available online that will work over your existing glasses (like the 3D glasses at the movie theatre), or ones you can attach stick-on bifocals to.

Who would love these: People who spend a lot of time in bed, such as elderly relatives or loved ones in the hospital who don’t want to lift their head for reading or watching television. They’d also be great for lazy people, or as a gag gift for someone’s birthday.

How much they costs: $24.00

Where to get them: You can buy the Reizen Prism Bed Spectacles on

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