Lena Dunham seems to forget her pants on the red carpet

"Girls" creator and star Lena Dunham is a brilliant writer, a hilarious actress, and a fearless role model for young women. But sometimes, even someone as talented as Dunham can forget to put on pants in the morning, like she apparently did at the L.A. Loves Alex's charity event on Saturday.

OK, if you look really closely, you can kind of see what could be the very tips of a pair of shorts underneath the teal tunic she wore. But if we have to strain that hard to confirm that material is, in fact, covering her rear end, it pretty much defeats the purpose of wearing any pants at all, right?

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Not that this is the most naked we've ever seen Dunham; the 26-year-old has appeared in the buff on both her HBO show "Girls" as well as in the intro to this year's Emmy Awards. But with a super cute pixie cut and a dainty top at the classy daytime culinary event, this look comes way out of left field. It even looks more unintentional as she holds hands and canoodles with "Girls" bestie Allison Williams (who plays Marnie on the show), who perfectly channels Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" in a blue and white dress and bright red flats.

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But perhaps Dunham's "dare to bare" looks are even more reason to admire the wunderkind, who was nominated for three Emmy Awards for writing, acting, and directing "Girls." Her reaction to that news is, in retrospect, less than surprising.

"I jumped around in my bed and I ran down the hall that's in my apartment building that's not even part of my house without my pants on," she said. Go figure.