Neil Patrick Harris’s fiancé planned an epic scavenger hunt birthday present

Remember when Neil Patrick Harris showed up at Disney World briefly last month? It turns out that wasn’t just a super fast family trip — it was actually one part of a weeklong, cross-country scavenger hunt that Harris’s fiancé, David Burtka, set up for the actor's 40th birthday. And this adorable couple has just officially proved that age is just a number when you’re young at heart.

Harris, who doesn’t actually turn 40 until June 15, appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday and revealed more details on what sounds like the most epic birthday adventure Hollywood has ever seen.

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Ten years ago, Harris celebrated his 30th birthday with a scavenger hunt around his city. “I was saying ‘David, you gotta do something. I mean, this is 40. So I’m expecting jets around the country.’ As, like, a joke,” Harris told DeGeneres.

But Burtka, 37-year-old actor, chef, and TV personality on “E! News,” took his betrothed seriously. Harris explained that Burtka planned their week of travel, surprises, and gifts for eight months, and carried it out two months before the "How I Met Your Mother" star's actual birthday to ensure a proper surprise.

It began with an anniversary party where Harris received puzzle pieces, which, when assembled, directed him to the garden where he dug up a mini iPad. But that was just the beginning — what awaited Harris and Burtka was a trip to Vegas, clothes from Tommy Hilfiger, training with Cirque du Soleil, massages, amazing food, a train to Harris’s family in Albuquerque, a trip to Disney World, rope courses, and ending with another surprise party at the late-night theatre hit “Sleep No More” that involved a serenade by Burtka of “Open Arms.” Even real-life cops and flight attendants were in on the plan! Harris let his Twitter followers join in on the trip by sending updates along the way, and it’s safe to say that the world now wants David Burtka as a boyfriend.

“It was just like the coolest, most unbelievably terrifying and awesome birthday adventure. Thank you, David Burtka, you’re rad,” said Harris. “And now my actual birthday is going to suck.”

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Though the couple began dating in 2004, Harris didn’t make their relationship public knowledge until 2007 when he officially came out in People magazine. A few months later, in 2008, his first televised discussion of their relationship was on DeGeneres’s show. Since then, Harris and Burtka have had twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, through a surrogate mother in 2010, and announced their engagement in 2011.

If they weren’t already one of Hollywood’s best (and most envied) couples, there’s no question now. Judging by Harris’s enthusiasm in his interview with DeGeneres, he appreciates what an amazing fiancé he has!