Blue Bloods’ Midseason Finale Gave #Jamko Fans a Little Anniversary Gift

The following contains light spoilers for the May 17 episode of Blue Bloods.

CBS’ Blue Bloods closed out the first half of its farewell season with a romantic gesture.

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As has been well reported, Blue Bloods‘ 14th and final season was split into two parts, of 10 and then eight episodes. Part 1 aired this winter/spring, and Part 2 will premiere this fall, airing Fridays at 10/9c as always.

The “mid-season finale” airing this Friday, titled “The Heart of a Saturday Night,” saw Danny and Sid keeping a close eye on a detective (guest star Aidan Quinn) who was running around town harassing those involved in getting a rapist set free on a technicality, while Frank agreed to help Pop get a widow’s request for 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund benefits approved — though Abigail’s investigation uncovered that the deceased lawman didn’t actually work at Ground Zero.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie’s fifth anniversary plans were rudely scuttled when they got tasked with going undercover at a halfway house that was believed to be running an insurance scam (and sure enough, it was).

Though they missed celebrating No. 5 the way they expected, come Sunday dinner, Henry nudged the kids to renew their vows, there at the dining room table.

It took a moment for Jamie to gain his bearings, but once he did, he and Eddie pretty perfectly recited the vows we’d heard once before — though not at their church wedding, which as we all remember was barely shown in the Season 9 finale, but at that same Reagan dinner table, weeks prior to their big day.

“I will always, and still always, have your back.”

“If you fall behind, I’ll wait up.”

“I will earn your respect, and pay you respect, every day we have.”

“I will be your scout, your night watchman, and your cavalry.”

“Your medic and your chaplain, in an army of two.”

“No retreat, no surrender. You can count on me.”

“You can count on me.”

What did you think of #Jamko’s atypical anniversary plans, and their unplanned vow renewal?

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