Boaters set out to find one sea creature. Instead, they spot nearly 20. See some swim

A marine life excursion company set out to find a lone sea creature — but ended up spotting dozens off the coast of California, video shows.

Monterey Bay Whale Watch shared a video of the encounter to Instagram on Monday, Feb. 26.

“Killer Whales kept popping all over today!!” the company said in the post. “First we started with a report for 1 lone male and it turned into 3 different pods and close to 20 Killer Whales in a few mile area!!!!”

The video shows orcas swimming beneath the surface. Then, one pops its nose above the surface and blasts air from its blowhole as three others follow suit.

Officials with the tour said the whale watching group saw the orcas harassing white-sided dolphins and also noticed multiple humpback and gray whales in the area.

The California Killer Whale Project identified some of the whales in the pods, officials said.

An apparent tour guest praised the “awesome experience” of seeing the orcas in person.

“It’s such an awesome experience!” they said. “I never thought I would do it, but it’s so worth it! Beautiful experience!”

“Wild and free!” another commenter said.

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