Bowen Yang says he's 'still a little straight' from “SNL” sketch with Sydney Sweeney and Gina Gershon

"I understand why Austin Butler talked like Elvis for a while after the movie," the comedian notes of the "Bowen's Straight" sketch.

Just call Bowen Yang a Method actor.

The Saturday Night Live star appeared on Monday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, where he shared that he's "still a little straight" from the "Bowen's Straight" sketch featuring March 2 host Sydney Sweeney and special guest Gina Gershon.

"I got to tell you guys something," Yang said when Meyers brought up the sketch. "You know when, like, you have a head injury and you can’t see colors quite right? I feel like I got hit in the head by these two women and I'm still a little straight."

Meyers replied, "So you did some comedy straight and a little bit stuck?"

"I think I understand why Austin Butler talked like Elvis for a while after the movie," Yang quipped. "So I think for a couple more weeks, I’m still straight. Ladies, get in there."

The gay actor and comedian portrayed a toxic straight man in "Bowen's Straight," which features Sweeney (as herself) discovering that she has a crush on Yang. "You should absolutely go for it," Heidi Gardner tells her. "But isn't he... gay?" Sweeney asks. No, Yang is as "straight as they come," Gardner and Ego Nwodim inform her.

Yang only "plays gay on the show because it's a shortcut to laughs," Gardner says. Yang and Sweeney later "hook up" in the sketch, and he tells her he has to "keep up appearances with the whole gay thing" when she proposes seeing each other again. "It's sort of my meal ticket."

Elsewhere in his interview with Meyers, Yang spoke about singing with recent musical guest (and his Wicked costar) Ariana Grande and weighed in on the 2024 Oscars telecast, comparing Al Pacino's Best Picture presentation to America's Next Top Model. "He was like, 'There are 10 Best Picture nominees, but only one will win. I hold the envelope in my hand.' It was his gayest work since the movie Cruising."

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