Boy crashes bike after being distracted by racy advertisement

Photo from YouTube
Photo from YouTube

A young boy now knows to keep his eyes on the road after he crashed his bike due to distracted driving…by a racy ad.

Video of the amusing moment starts with footage of a parked van that’s covered in an ad for a Stockholm strip club. A little boy can be heard off camera enthusiastically exclaiming, “Oh la la!”

The camera pans out to show the young boy in question, who is on a bike and wearing a red helmet. He appears to be fixated on the van’s decal, as he continues to cruise full speed on his two-wheeler.

But the boy is so taken by the advertisement that he doesn’t notice the fence to a restaurant’s outdoor patio directly in front of him. He continues to pedal and crashes right into the fence! According to the boy’s uncle, who posted the video to YouTube, a stranger passing by saw the accident and ran up to offer help. It seems the boy wasn’t injured — but maybe his dignity was slightly bruised.