Boyfriend makes nerdiest joke ever, internet applauds

Getting crabby after eating crab. Photo from Twitter
Getting crabby after eating crab. Photo from Twitter

Shellfish allergies are no laughing matter, unless you’re Maddy and Drew. The young Florida couple recently shared a text message exchange that reveals how finding unwanted crab in your pasta can actually be hilarious.

Maddy is an illustrator from Jacksonville and uses the Twitter handle @hatemailfanclub. She recently shared an exchange between herself and her boyfriend Drew which she prefaces with the words, “I’m breaking up with him.”

What did Drew do to deserve getting dumped?

Take a look:

Yep, that Drew is quite a kidder, and apparently he’s not the only one who likes a joke. Since posting the exchange, Maddy’s tweet has been liked more than 77,000 times.

Many people have used social media reached out to Maddy and encourage her not to break up with such an obvious catch.

Maddy was quick to respond:

Indeed, everyone should stop threatening Maddy. It’s obvious she’s in love with Drew, even if sometimes he’s a little crabby. Or at least he has been ever since he ate that pasta at Disney World.