A Bride Is Feuding with Her Brother for Not Asking His Young Daughter to Be Flower Girl in Her Wedding

"They said I'm choosing friends over family and breaking their little girl's heart by not giving her this special role," the bride said on Reddit

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of flower girls


Stock image of flower girls

A bride's upcoming wedding has led to a family feud over her choice of flower girl.

In a post shared on Reddit, a bride-to-be, who describes herself as a 25-year-old female, said her brother assumed his 5-year-old daughter, Emma, would be the flower girl at her wedding. Now, he and his wife are refusing to let Emma be a part of the wedding after they learned the bride had already asked her maid of honor's 6-year-old daughter, Hannah, to take on the role of flower girl.

"They said I'm choosing friends over family and breaking their little girl's heart by not giving her this special role," the bride said in her post.

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"I tried to explain that I've known Hannah her whole life too, and it's a sweet full circle moment to have her in the wedding. We have a very special connection that I don't have like this with Emma, even though I love Emma too," she continued. "But my brother said I'm a selfish aunt and setting a bad precedent in our family."

When she described the situation to her parents, they suggested that she make both Hannah and Emma flower girls to "keep the peace" within the family. The bride described this as a "cool idea" she didn't think of at first.

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of a wedding party


Stock image of a wedding party

But when she proposed the idea to her brother, she said he told her that he and his wife didn't want Emma to be a part of the wedding anymore.

Some people online think the future bride did nothing wrong by asking her maid of honor's daughter to be the flower girl first.

While the suggestion to have two flower girls is a good one, one commenter said the bride is not required to do anything to "keep the peace."

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"Your brother was out of line trying to dictate who should be in your wedding party. And his little temper tantrum now is even more out of line," the user wrote. "My suggestion is stop trying to smooth anything over. You did nothing wrong. You don't owe him any apology."

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While most Reddit users agreed with this sentiment, others thought she should've been more considerate of her brother, sister-in-law and young niece.

"You should have thought of having both girls as flower girls. I understand you want your BF daughter to be one as you consider her family, but then you excluded your own family," another user wrote, adding, "Also I can see why now they don't want their daughter to do it. It's like she was an afterthought and you are being forced to include her. I would also decline now and not really participate in your wedding."

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