Britain says it will provide 10,000 drones to Ukraine in its fight against Russia

LONDON (AP) — Britain said Thursday that it would provide 10,000 drones to arm Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

The announcement by Defense Secretary Grant Shapps during a visit in Kyiv with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy includes an investment of 125 million pounds ($160 million) on top of 200 million pounds ($256 million) previously committed for drones.

The weaponry will include 1,000 one-way attack — or kamikaze — drones and models that target ships.

“Ukraine’s Armed Forces are using U.K. donated weapons to unprecedented effect, to help lay waste to nearly 30% of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet,” Shapps said.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian sea drones reportedly sank another Russian warship in the Black Sea, the latest in a series of strikes that has crippled Moscow’s naval capability.