Britons seek to 'move to Canada' after Brexit vote


When elections don’t go a certain way in the U.S., many voters inevitably utter the slogan, “I’m moving to Canada.”

Britons on social media also took up the refrain after the result of the U.K. referendum became clear last night.

American comedian Mike Drucker suggested Britons use his place as a waypoint before proceeding north.

But another comedian from the U.S., Jack Moore, tweeted that, perhaps, Canada isn’t far enough away to avoid the dual threats of Brexit and a Trump presidency.

The “move to Canada” trend wasn’t confined to Twitter. Google saw a big jump in searches for the phrase in the U.K.

Google’s own Trends account on Twitter noted the spike in searches for “move to Gibraltar,” the British overseas territory on a peninsula south of Spain.

However, the spike for “move to Canada” was even more dramatic.

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