Broken pipe the culprit in missing water mystery

Shelburne residents asked to conserve water after 'significant' leak

The water leak mystery in Annapolis County has been solved.

"It was, as we suspected, a broken line inside a vacant building," said Stephen McInnis, the municipality's manager of operations.

Water usage in the community of Cornwallis Park, near Digby, spiked just over a week ago. In fact, water demand more than doubled.

There was also an increase in demand at the sewage treatment plant.

Municipal crews checked all the main pipes but could not find a problem. They were gearing up to use listening devices to try to track down the problem when they got a call on Sunday night.

"We think the pipe froze and broke apart in the basement, ran into the basement drain until it plugged up, and then it filled up the basement and came out the basement window," said McInnis,

"It had been running for six days, so there was quite a bit of water."

Someone called the fire department and fire officials called the municipality, which turned off water to the building.

No one was using the building at the time. It's located in a commercial section of Cornwallis Park.

McInnis is not sure if the municipality can bill the owners of the building for water and sewer charges along with municipal service costs.