Bucha massacre: ‘Horrifying’ footage shows evidence of war crimes inflicted on Kyiv suburb

Content warning: This video contains graphic images that may be disturbing to viewers.

As allegations of potential war crimes committed by the Russian military against Ukrainian civilians continue to mount, video footage from Bucha and other towns on the outskirts of Kyiv shows indiscriminate violence inflicted upon the local population. Images show dead bodies bound, executed, and discarded on the street among the rubble of heavy artillery, as well as in improvised mass graves filled with corpses. Although the Russian government has denied responsibility, many leaders from around the world are amplifying calls for prosecution of war crimes.

Video Transcript

DMYTRO KULEBA: Bucha massacre is the most outrageous atrocity of the 21st century without an exaggeration. By what we've seen in Bucha and vicinity, we can conclude that Russia is worse than ISIS. JOE BIDEN: What's happening in Bucha is outrageous. And everyone's seeing it. LIZ THROSSELL: The images of civilians lying dead on the streets and in improvised graves in the town of Bucha in Ukraine are horrifying. Reports emerging from this and other areas raise serious and disturbing questions about possible war crimes, grave breaches of international humanitarian law, and serious violations of international human rights law. MATEUSZ MORAWIECKI: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] VOLODYMYR ZELENSKYY: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]