‘Buckle Up’: Alyssa Farah Griffin Issues Warning Ahead Of Trump Trial Verdict

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former communications director in Donald Trump’s White House, on Tuesday warned people to brace themselves for the fallout whatever the verdict of the former president’s hush money trial.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee is “worried” and rattled because he has a complete lack of control over what could happen, and a conviction would have major legal and political consequences, Farah Griffin told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

But even if Trump is acquitted, Farah Griffin said, “We need to get ready and buckle up to hear weeks and weeks of him saying, ‘It was a witch hunt, it was the Biden government pushing this.’”

“And whether he’s exonerated or not, he’s going to lean into grievance regardless of what the outcome of this is,” she predicted.

A conviction for Trump would be “incredibly challenging” and “unsettling” for swing voters, Farah Griffin added.

Closing arguments in the trial ended Tuesday.

Watch Farah Griffin’s full analysis here: