Everybody gets hats in the first free 'Bugsnax' DLC, The Isle of BIGsnax

Who ordered the super-sized tater-tot monster?

Young Horses

PlayStation exclusive Bugsnax is getting a lot bigger in a few different ways next year with the Isle of BIGsnax update. Heading to PlayStation 4 and PS5 in early 2022, The Isle of BIGsnax unlocks a new landscape filled with oversized Bugsnax, plus it adds challenges to complete and hut-decorating options back on Snaktooth Island. And of course, the cutest part of the update is the ability to dress up your Bugsnax in various hats.

The Isle of BIGsnax update will be free for all Bugsnax owners (try saying that ten times fast).

Bugsnax was a PS5 launch title, dropping alongside a tight roster of big names like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and the Demon's Souls remake. It comes from independent studio Young Horses, which was previously known for making Octodad, a surprisingly heartwarming physics game about an octopus pretending to be a normal father.

Recently, Young Horses has made headlines for establishing a permanent four-day work week, in the interest of cultivating a healthy work-life balance for employees. This is a big deal in the video game industry, where crunch — implementing 100-hour weeks and otherwise overwhelming employees' lives — is a common business practice.

“While I enjoy making weirdo games, it's also just very important that I'm making responsible decisions to take care of the people I work with, stuff like that,” Young Horses co-founder Philip Tibitoski told Engadget in January. “That's become much more of a thing than it used to be, or at least I've moved further into a business-y, boss role, I guess. Weird, but feels right.”