Bull elk wanders up to Ring doorbell and lets out piercing wail in Colorado. Hear it

The piercing sound of a bull elk’s bugle was captured on a Ring doorbell camera in Colorado, video shows.

Robbie Ruhaak and her husband set up Ring doorbells around their home in Estes Park to capture footage of all the wildlife that call the mountain home — including the big bull elk, she told McClatchy News in a phone interview.

He’s become a regular visitor around their home throughout the year, but especially in autumn during mating season — known as the “rut” — when he hangs around with his harem of cows and their babies, she said. Ruhaak, an artist, sees them so often she’s taken to painting them.

“We’d been hearing that bugle for a couple of days, and then we would hear others answer around,” she said in the interview. “So we knew he was close for a good week.”

The video shows the bull wander near the Ring doorbell, take a look around and then bellow out a long, high-pitched bugle elk are known for. Then he turns and wanders off.

“Motion detected on your Ring camera,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a Sept. 8 post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Ruhaak’s Ring doorbell caught the bull looking so beat up after last year’s rut, she and her husband joked about inviting him inside.

Others suggested the same thing upon seeing the video of the bull bugling at the Ring doorbell.

“Couldn’t he just ring the doorbell like everyone else?” someone said in the comments on the post.

And while Ruhaak describes seeing wildlife every day as “paradise,” she also stressed the importance of giving wild animals space and being careful not to harass them — especially when bulls are aggressive and loaded with testosterone during the rut.

It seems someone gets gored each year during the rut, she said.

“It’s paradise for us, but sometimes it feels like an Olympic sport to get to our detached garage,” she said.

In fact, on the day the bull showed up on their Ring doorbell, she had only gone back inside her home about five minutes before her husband told her to peek back outside into their front yard.

“Not only was he out there, but the yard was completely full of the harem,” she said. “Mamas and their babies, and the big boy.”

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