Calgary's homeless population down from 2008

The Calgary Homeless Foundation says the number of people without a home in this city has stopped growing.

The tally from this year's homeless count in January was 3,533 people — 43 fewer people than 2008.

Andrea Ranson with the Homeless Foundation says having that number stay flat is a success.

"Leading up to the 10-year plan in 2008, that number was going up by 35 per cent every two years," she said. 

But operators of the city's largest homeless shelter are questioning the numbers that come from a one night count in January.

Volunteers count people sleeping outdoors and add that to data from shelters, emergency rooms and the remand centre.

The Drop In Centre is the largest homeless shelter in Calgary. Executive Director Debbie Newman says their numbers are still high.

"I certainly know from our perspective the numbers have not gone down and that the issues we face are becoming more pronounced," she said.

Newman says they know of homeless people who have moved out of the downtown and were probably not included in this year's count.