'Call Her Daddy' host Alex Cooper marries Matt Kaplan in destination wedding

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper got married on April 6.
Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper got married on April 6.

Call her married.

Alex Cooper, the host of popular podcast "Call Her Daddy," and producer Matt Kaplan got married in an intimate destination wedding in Mexico on April 6, the pair revealed in a Vogue Weddings feature released on Wednesday.

"We weren’t looking to have a formal wedding," Kaplan told the outlet. "We wanted it to feel relaxed and authentic to us and the location, so from the decor to the festivities it all was very naturally curated."

Cooper added: "We wanted to choose a destination that was private, romantic, and felt like a vacation for not only us but all of our guests. It was really important to us to keep the guest list small so we could be present with each other and the people who we love the most and who have helped us become who we are today."

Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan met via Zoom in 2020.
Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan met via Zoom in 2020.

For the nuptials, the podcast host wore a custom Danielle Frankel gown with a classic square neckline corset and a billowing skirt. She followed it up with a vintage Alexander McQueen dress for the afterparty and a vintage Versace corset for the after-afterparty.

"It was everything we wanted it to be," Cooper said. "It was emotional, heartfelt, and we tailored it to exactly how we always envisioned it."

The entrepreneur walked herself down the aisle because she "really rejected the concept of being walked down by a man to be handed to another man" although she clarifies she has "such an incredible relationship with my father" so it didn't have to do with familial strain.

"I just never loved that tradition. It's old and antiquated. My mom also walked herself down the aisle, so in a sense, I guess we are creating our own tradition for the women in our family," she explained.

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Cooper and Kaplan met during a business Zoom call in 2020 leading him to get the nickname on her podcast as "Mr. Sexy Zoom Man" at the beginning of their relationship.

The podcast host shared a photo on Instagram Wednesday of two cakes from their wedding that read: "Mr. Sexy Zoom Man Husband" and "Oops! Daddy got married."

Cooper explained to Vogue that she had always rejected the idea of being married and preferred to find a "life partner," but meeting Kaplan changed that for her.

"Growing up, I witnessed my parents live the once-in-a-lifetime love — they are still together, 40 years this year. I was convinced I would never find what they had, and so I didn't expect it and didn't look for it. Little did I know, I just needed to find my Matt Kaplan," she said. "I remember waking up one day and realizing that Matt's unwavering love for me and his commitment to growing with me as an individual and to us as a partnership had completely shifted my opinion of marriage."

During a date the pair had in December 2022, Cooper officially told Kaplan that she was open to marriage and he popped the question in May 2023 after plotting a fake photoshoot to get her out of the house for him to set up the proposal.

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