Calm returns to Lac-Saint-Jean after weekend of flooding

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Many homes in Saint-Félicien were flooded due to the weekend weather system. (Radio-Canada/Rémi Tremblay - image credit)
Many homes in Saint-Félicien were flooded due to the weekend weather system. (Radio-Canada/Rémi Tremblay - image credit)

Conditions on Lac-Saint-Jean are slowly starting to return to normal after a weekend of flooding caused by record rainfall and the spring thaw.

Municipalities surrounding the lake reported light flooding on Sunday, with the lake still topping the official flood mark in the area.

"The water is coming down and our morale is rising," Luc Gibbons, Saint-Félicien's mayor, told Radio-Canada.

Though conditions are improving, about thirty homes are flooded in the Saint-Méthode area in Saint-Félicien. The quays along many chalets were also submerged as of Sunday.

Public security officials have asked residents to remain vigilant since the lake is still considered to be at a "medium" flood risk.

Radio-Canda/Rémi Tremblay
Radio-Canda/Rémi Tremblay

The normal level of the lake at this time of year is usually five metres, but since Friday the lake has reached five and a half metres.

Water levels are not anticipated to return to normal until Monday, civil security officials said on Saturday.

Radio-Canada/Béatrice Rooney
Radio-Canada/Béatrice Rooney

In Alma, city officials are still closely monitoring the situation around the Petite-Décharge river, which was still raging on Sunday.

Eight residents living in one building partly constructed over the lake were evacuated that afternoon, said Sylvie Beaumont, Alma mayor.

"The building is practically built in the river. We didn't know how the high flow would affect the structure, so we didn't want to take any chances," she told Radio-Canada.

Radio-Canada/Béatrice Rooney
Radio-Canada/Béatrice Rooney

Roughly 16 tonnes of sand were placed along the shores of Alma's west end, Radio-Canada is reporting.

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