'Why is this such a mess?': Canada's famous milk bags stump French woman in Tik Tok video throwback

"Where's the box?": A Canadian man couldn't help but film his French girlfriend's astonishment at bagged milk

Canada's milk bags stump woman from France (TikTok)

A Canadian man pranked his French girlfriend by asking her to open a bag of milk in a video that is resurfacing from 2021. While bagged milk isn’t uniquely Canadian (it’s used in several other countries like China, Russian and South Africa) it’s certainly not the norm to plenty of people around the world.

That was clearly evident in a TikTok video posted by Canadian ​​Jack (@ruesaint), in which he documents his girlfriend, @laparasian, attempting to tackle a pouch of milk.

"My girlfriend doesn't know milk in Canada comes in bags," the text and voiceover on the video reads as it shows the befuddled woman examining the milk.

"Where's the box?" she asked. "You know in France this doesn't exist, huh?"

The confused woman puts the bag of milk in an empty jug and, instead of snipping the corner, she cuts across the top with scissors, much to her boyfriend’s dismay.

“Why is this such a mess?” she asks, foreshadowing.

Next, the woman unsuccessfully tries to tug the opened bag of milk out of the jug, which has formed an air-tight seal. Once she manages to free it from the plastic container, the struggle continues, as the woman fumbles the bag while attempting to pour it into a mug.

Many in the comments could relate to the woman’s flounder.

“But seriously…how are you supposed to pour milk out of a bag,” one asked.

“It’s way too confusing like…why?” another commented. “What is wrong with a box or a bottle?”

Bagged milk isn’t found in all parts of Canada. Many in the comments point out that milk in a bag is not a thing in provinces like B.C. and Alberta.