Canada Post asking for doctor's note to keep home mail delivery

Canada Post asking for doctor's note to keep home mail delivery

Canada Post has confirmed it will require medical information from people who have indicated they're physically unable to get their mail once home delivery ends.

It's sending questionnaires to people who've indicated they can't pick up their mail from a community box.

Canada Post said the organization needs to know the specifics of a person's disability — including medical history — to find the best solution for everyone.

"It’s very much a personal approach," said Canada Post spokesman Jon Hamilton. "You talk to people. You don’t just put them through a machine and tell them 'this is what you get.'"

No 'one-size-fits-all' solution

Hamilton said Canada Post has consulted with organizations that specialize in seniors and disability issues to develop the process for determining special services.

"What we heard loud and clear from them was that especially when it comes to the type of service we deliver, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone’s situation is going to be different," said Hamilton.

Canada Post said every case is unique and solutions might be temporary.

For instance, home delivery might be a possibility only in the winter months, or delivery to a family member's home might be the best option.

Sometimes, Hamilton said, solutions may be as simple as adjusting the mailbox height or a device that makes it easier to turn the key.

"If we’re going to get into something that’s more involved, we’re going to require a doctor’s note," he said.

Hamilton said a dedicated team has been assigned to determine individual needs, and the process will be completely confidential.

“We’re in the mail business and have been for years, so protecting information is core to our business,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said he doesn't know when this survey process will be complete.

Communities on the West Island and South Shore of Montreal are scheduled to lose their door-to-door mail delivery service at the start of 2015.

The switch to community mailboxes will be complete by 2019.