Canadian family sent ‘wrong body’ after man’s sudden death while vacationing in Cuba

A family in Canada was shocked to receive the “wrong body” after the father suddenly passed away in Cuba while on a vacation.

Faraj Jarjour from Montreal, 68, was on vacation with his daughter Miriam and son Karam when he suddenly passed away on 22 March in Varadero, Cuba.

The casket they received had the remains of a different man, several media, including the Associated Press reported.

“Up until now we have no answers,” Ms Jarjour said. “Where is my father?”

The day Jarjour died, the siblings alleged that they were left to wait next to the body for eight hours as there was no arrangement made by authorities. They then left for Canada after being told that the body would be sent to Montreal.

The family said they had paid $7,300 to repatriate his body back to Canada plus an additional $10,900 for the funeral.

More than a month after the death of her father, Ms Jarjour has reportedly been emailing several officials to find the body.

The body of the stranger, much younger than Jarjour, has now reportedly been sent back to his country.

Ms Jarjour was quoted as saying by AP: “I’m honestly destroyed. Up until now, we have no answers. We’re waiting. I don’t know what to tell you.”

“What I want is someone to help me find my father,” she said.

Patrice Chavegros, the vice-president of marketing for the funeral home, Urgel Bourgie, where Jarjour’s funeral was scheduled to be held on Sunday, told CBC: “That’s what’s unfortunate in all of this is you have two families. One in Montreal and one in another country who in both cases can’t go through with their grieving processes.”

He told the Global News: “I have seen this about three times in 38 years. This is very exceptional. It’s very rare.”

Meanwhile, Global Affairs Canada told the CBC and Daily Guardian in a statement that it was “aware of the death of a Canadian citizen in Cuba” and shared “our thoughts are with the friends and family of the deceased in these difficult circumstances”.

“Consular officials are engaged with Cuban authorities and in contact with the family to provide consular assistance,” it continued, adding that further information could not be disclosed due to “privacy reasons”.

“We’re sad because my father died,” Jarjour’s son, Karam Jarjour told Daily Guardian. “But we’re more sad because my father is, we don’t know where.”