Canadian health care a ‘ticking time bomb’

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    Tom M
    The real problem with Canadian health care is not a shortage of money, it is the duplication of redundant work and the high cost of administration.
    The CEO of the average hospital earns more money per year than the Prime Minister ( even for a hospital in a city of 60,000 people ).
    There are 2 triage nurses at my local hospital who sit 4 feet from each other and ask the same questions of each patient before you see any doctor, if you change floors in the hospital ( as a patient ) a nurse will come and ask you a series of questions about your health history instead of accessing a computer ( which there is hundreds in the hospital ), which another nurse had already asked you when you arrived at the previous floor, and may even have asked if you were in a different wing of the hospital. Why can nurses not use computers to check history you may ask , (like I asked !) , i was told ' the record department does not always input everything'. Redundancy is wasteful .
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    I work at a hospital and we have zero money to do anything but our case is more to do with the provincial government than the Federal one. The Wynne gang has gutted our system so bad we have old blankets stuffed in cracks in the foundation to keep the cold out and stop pipes from freezing in the winter, we literally have duct tape holding equipment together. The wait time this morning for emerg is 6 hours because we dont have enough doctors.
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    We have a major problem-MONEY-our healthcare needs an infusion of cash, but Trudeau promised 2.65 billion to help third world countries to help with climate change. Just think how that money would help our healthcare. REMEMBER NEXT ELECTION.
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    Maybe the government needs to stop paying for unnecessary care and operations. Last I checked, the extremely expensive sex change operation and the following therapies are not needed to saves lives. The government needs to take a hard look at where it allocates our money, and where needed, re-adjust what is paid and what is not.
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    why not invest in facilities that take the mental health out of hospitals and jails. somewhere people can go to be properly assessed and offer the help they need. then the hospitals are freed up for the care required. also, the system requires much more help, the providers are way over worked. we have known for such a long time we are in an aging population.
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    One of the major money suckers in health care is over-the-top administration in hospitals. Hospitals ran with a much leaner senior staff years ago. Now they are run like businesses and the number of managers, directors, facilitators, supervisors etc. is ridiculous. They cut front line staff, but the top just keeps getting heavier. The quality of patient care at the bedside has plummeted to the point where family members need to keep a bedside vigil to insure their loved ones needs are being met while in hospital.
    So, they need to look at their funding formulas and think outside the box. Limits should be placed on monies used for non-direct patient roles/jobs for each and every hospital. Only then will money be freed up that will be used to actually improve patient care.
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    we live in a longer distance from Montreal and in the past 7years we have lost 4 doctors going on pension, leaving their practice or just fed up and now we have been with out a doctor for over a year having to go to the hospital wait for hours only to be give enough medication for a month all our country is doing is giving away our rights to people who have never work or, come in and get everything on a plate of gold and we get nothing
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    robby p
    Instead of having to pay more for doctors, nurses, surgeries, I want to see the government invest in programmes that promote proper diet and exercise. There are many places selling low nutrition fattening food and making profit at a cost to the tax payer.
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    That #$%$*head Trudeau spends billions of Canadian tax dollars bringing f*&^%g Muslims to Canada. meanwhile, our healthcare system is deteriorating, over 2,000 Canadian veterans are homeless and thousands of Canadian seniors, people who were born here and worked here all their lives, are living in poverty. Anyone else see where I'm going with this?
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    One of the stumbling blocks that is preventing some changes is this ridiculous obsession that our Canadian health care must be funded only by the government. A $20 user charge to see a doctor is a reasonable compromise given the fact it would allow the system to hire more doctors and nurses. Those who cannot afford this could receive a refund at tax time and followup appointments could be no charge. There are ways to make this work but we need politicians with vision not dogma poured in ciment.