'As a Canadian' trends spark anger, disbelief following Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting

Following the horrific shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, with 19 children dead and two adults teachers, Canadians have taken to social media to comments on the attack.

"No words can sufficiently express the devastation felt following the senseless tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Texas," a message from Marco Mendicino, Canada's Minister of Public Safety reads.

"Our hearts break for the innocent lives lost, for the survivors, their families, and the community in Uvalde. Canada grieves with you."

"Children deserve more than thoughts and prayers," NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wrote on social media on Tuesday night.

"They deserve protection and safety. They deserve life. Like so many of you — I am heartbroken by the tragic news of a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Texas."

As has seemed to be a pattern, particularly after horrendous attacks occur in the U.S., Canadians are seemingly quite quick to not only comment, but to compare their own country to our closest neighbour.

Not long after the shooting was reported the "As a Canadian" statements started rolling in online.

Many Canadians also highlighted a recent tweet from Brampton Mayor and federal Conservative Party leadership candidate Patrick Brown (before the Texas shooting was reported), promoting his promise to scrap Canada's Firearms Act, stating that it is not "making our streets safer."

Questions do continue to come up related to why Canadians are so quick to compare Canada with the U.S., and whether we should be looking at our own policies instead.