Cancel culture is toxic, says Caprice

Caprice has revealed that she hates cancel culture credit:Bang Showbiz
Caprice has revealed that she hates cancel culture credit:Bang Showbiz

Caprice hates cancel culture.

The 52-year-old model - who was born in California, but lives in London - believes cancel culture can be "toxic" and Caprice has insisted that she wants "no part" of it.

During an appearance at a Health and Wealth Summit in Tiverton, south-west England, Caprice told MailOnline: "We are so fortune to live in this country and have freedom of speech. Don't let anyone take that away.

"We have to appreciate these rights and fight for them."

Caprice acknowledges that mistakes are part and parcel of life. However, Caprice believes cancel culture can be really dangerous.

She said: "I want no part of cancel culture. We all make mistakes but with cancel culture whether you survive or not is down to who you are.

"That is not right - who are we to judge? I think we have to be very careful."

Caprice ultimately hopes that the "toxic trend" will disappear one day.

She shared: "People are trying to cancel free speech. Some people just try to cancel someone because they have an opinion that is not acceptable to them.

"I really hope the toxic trend goes away."

Meanwhile, Caprice recently revealed that she felt "no connection" with Fred Durst - despite being flown to New York for their first date.

The Limp Bizkit star flew the blonde beauty from London to the Big Apple after they met at the MTV Awards in 2001 - but Caprice didn't feel any spark with the musician.

During an appearance on the 'My Dirty Laundry' podcast, she said: "Oh, it was a bit vacuous, you know, the conversation.

"He's a really nice guy. A super nice guy, but there was just no connection."