Candidate for NC District Court Judge District 10A, Douglas Brown, answers our questions

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Name: Douglas Brown

District/seat: District 10A, Seat 3 (Wake County)

Political party: Democrat

Age as of March 5, 2024: 64

Campaign website:

Current occupation: Attorney

Professional experience: 20 years military, including JAG, Assistant District Attorney, criminal defense attorney

Education: Bachelor of Science at the University of New York, Albany; Law School at UNC Chapel Hill; and further studied Law and Management at the University of California, Berkeley

What areas of the law do you have experience in, as a judge or attorney?

Criminal and family law.

What is your judicial philosophy?

I believe in equal access to our courts and that all should be treated fairly.

Tell us about a specific event in your legal career of which you are most proud.

I represented a service member as a Judge Advocate General lawyer during a three-week trial which resulted in an acquittal.

To what extent should judges be allowed to share their thoughts on political issues in public?

Sitting judges should not comment on political issues.