Candidate for NC District Court judge, Democrat Blair Williams, answers our questions

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Name: Blair Williams

District/seat: District 10D, Seat 5 (Wake County)

Political party: Democrat

Age as of March 5, 2024: 62

Campaign website:

Current occupation: Elected Clerk of Court

Professional experience: Twenty-nine (29) years as an attorney with varied private practice and public service legal experience.

Education: Juris Doctorate

What areas of the law do you have experience in, as a judge or attorney?

Criminal, civil litigation, family law and eight years of adjudicating cases tried before the Clerk culminating in thousands of matters heard.

What is your judicial philosophy?

The parties before me could be me except for the grace of God.

Tell us about a specific event in your legal career of which you are most proud.

Successfully advocating for the reimbursement of the cost of parking for hundreds of judicial branch employees.

To what extent should judges be allowed to share their thoughts on political issues in public?

Judges could share their thoughts on issues that will not appear before them.