‘Canine lovebirds’ spent over 1,000 days in shelter. Now, they have a home — together

Two “canine lovebirds” spent more than 1,000 days in a shelter — and now, they have a new home together.

The long-awaited adoption brought the “most perfect” ending to the week of Valentine’s Day, according to the Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society in North Carolina.

“Romeo & Juliet now have an awesome mom and dad and a loving forever home,” the shelter wrote Feb. 18 on Facebook.

The aptly-named dogs finally got new owners more than three years after they were rescued as strays in December 2020. Early on, the humane society tried to separate them since it can be tougher to find a home for two dogs.

“Juliet was fine, she was really more into human affection and didn’t seem too bothered by not being with Romeo,” a shelter spokesperson told McClatchy News in an email. “He, on the other hand, was completely shut down without her. We knew pretty quickly that in order for him to have any quality of life, he would need to stay with her.”

As the years passed, the dogs became some of the shelter’s longest residents and were known for adoring one another. The shelter hoped Romeo, a bluetick coonhound mix, and Juliet, a redbone coonhound mix, would continue their close bond.

“Romeo and Juliet MUST BE ADOPTED TOGETHER as they deserve a forever home that has room for both,” the shelter wrote on Facebook in June.

Then after 1,154 days of waiting, the “sweet” dogs started their next chapter with a familiar person. A shelter volunteer and her husband are now the “new pet parents for one of the strongest-bonded pairs of dogs we have ever had the honor of caring for,” the animal organization wrote.

Social media users were fans of the update, including several who congratulated the “canine lovebirds” on their new family.

The dogs were adopted in the Sapphire area, roughly 55 miles southwest of the popular mountain town of Asheville.

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