Casualty airs exit for regular character in early iPlayer release

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Casualty airs another character exitBBC/Getty Images/DigitalSpy

Casualty spoilers follow from Saturday's episode (March 2) which is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer. This article contains storyline details that some viewers may prefer to avoid, as this episode hasn't yet aired on TV.

Casualty aired Max Christie's final scenes in the show's latest episode.

Saturday's visit to the ED, which is already available to watch on BBC iPlayer, saw Max make a life-changing decision about his future in the wake of his transplant surgery.

Max was recently given a lifeline by his daughter Jodie, who gave him the kidney he desperately needed.

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As Max recovered from the surgery in tonight's episode, he dropped a bombshell on Dylan about his career plans now that he was well enough.

While Dylan was keen to have Max back at work as soon as realistically possible, he was shocked when Max explained that he wouldn't be coming back.

Max told Dylan that he had applied to work with Medics of the World and had been offered a placement in South Sudan.

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Jodie was devastated to hear of Max's plans, especially as he hadn't even had the courtesy to tell her.

She was especially hurt that Max could think of leaving so soon after she'd given him her kidney, but he retaliated by explaining that this was the reason he was reluctant to accept it from her in the first place.

Jodie then gave Max the choice of taking the job or building a relationship with her, but she already knew the answer.

jodie whyte, max, casualty

Despite Jodie's fury, Max remained steadfast in his decision and left the ED.

When Jodie later went to see Max on his ward, she was heartbroken to discover that he'd already left.

She later told Teddy that she was done with Max for good, after trying so hard to make their complex father-daughter dynamic work.

jodie whyte, max, casualty

Digital Spy can confirm that this marks the end of Max's time on the show.

Nigel Harman, who joined as Max last year, confirmed his exit from Casualty last year, ahead of competing on Strictly Come Dancing.

Speaking to Digital Spy and other media at the time, Nigel said: "I left Casualty at the beginning of August.

"I finished my last scene on Monday, [then I] was here on Friday. I'm on screen until the end of February, and [I have] no plans to return at the moment. Basically, I can dedicate my life to sweating and feeling anxious."

Casualty airs on Saturday nights on BBC One. The show is now releasing episodes early on BBC iPlayer at 6am on the day of transmission.

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