Casualty unveils exit story for Paige Allcott

Casualty has revealed the upcoming exit story for doctor Paige Allcott.

In last week’s episode (which aired on February 17), after successfully treating a patient, Paige was told that she was wasting her potential in the ED and should apply for the Senior House Officer role that had become available in Maxillofacial Surgery.

In this Saturday’s episode of the BBC soap set to air on February 24, things have progressed and Paige will be completing her last shift before moving on to her new role in Maxfax upstairs.

paige allcott, jodie, casualty

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She is asked to help treat firefighter Buddy, who has been burned following an explosion. However, Max asks Jodie to help too, and there’s tension when Teddy hands over to the pair.

It’s no surprise things are awkward. It hasn’t been long since Paige called off her engagement to Teddy after he'd been distant and cold towards her.

Teddy slept with Jodie while he and Paige were still together, and he wasted no time moving on after the end of their relationship — with the pair kissing at the end of the last episode.

Jodie attempts to make amends with Paige and says she shouldn’t have slept with Teddy. Paige remains stubborn though, with the knowledge that soon she will be in her new job and away from the drama, but they try to remain cordial as they continue working together.

paige allcott, casualty

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However, Paige later receives the bad news that her new job has fallen through. Jodie tries to reassure her though, reminding her still has a job at the ED.

To combat her disappointment, Paige throws herself into her work for the rest of the shift, trying to prove what a good doctor she is.

But when Jodie compliments her on her good work, Paige reveals that she doesn't plan to stay in the ED. While her decision is nothing to do with Teddy, she says she knows what she wants and her future is in Maxfax.

Does this mean she'll be leaving for good?

Casualty airs on Saturday nights on BBC One. The show is now releasing episodes early on BBC iPlayer at 6am on the day of transmission.

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