Cat goes crazy for whipped cream in viral video

Screenshot from YouTube.

Anyone who’s ever spent more than a few minutes online knows there’s certainly no shortage of cat-related videos floating around the Internet.

But if you don’t mind seeing one more, you could certainly do worse than watching this adorable orange tabby go absolutely crazy for a taste of whipped cream.

Chris Poole, who posts videos under the YouTube account Cat Man Chris, has shared some footage of what happens whenever he starts shaking a can of whipped cream in his kitchen. Like clockwork, a few shakes of the can and his pet cat, Marmalade, immediately bursts into the room and eagerly begins to beg for a taste.

People online seem just as happy watching Marmalade enjoying whipped cream as he is receiving it. The video has quickly gone viral with more than 550,000 people viewing it on YouTube since it was published on Apr. 15.

“Awww, this was so cute. Marmalade sure loves his whip cream!,” James Purks wrote in the YouTube video’s comment section.

“Marmalade is like, ‘More please! Wait that’s it?'” commented Hoshi Sasayaku.

And one YouTube user, Lilly Dragon, noted what many others had pointed out by writing, “I don’t think Marm would object if you sprayed it into his mouth!”

If you are interested in seeing some cats chugging whipped cream straight from the can, then you might enjoy watching this video below from YouTube user Minion and Friends.

“Foolishly gave one of our cats whipped cream once, this is what happens every time we use it now,” the video’s description reads.

So it appears some cats some strong feelings toward whipped cream, but should they actually be eating it in the first place?

As Poole explains, Marmalade’s taste of whipped cream is only a weekly treat and not a daily ritual.

That’s because, as Pets Web MD points out, as cats get older, they can start to become lactose intolerant and unable to properly digest a certain sugar found in dairy products. And that can lead to complications for some cats similar to those experienced by lactose intolerant humans. This includes symptoms such as an upset stomach, vomiting or diarrhea.

But don’t tell Marmalade that because it’s clear that even after his small taste of whipped cream, he’s still eager for more — if he was only allowed to have it.

It’s a craving most humans with a sweet tooth can probably relate to.