What’s causing a loud, siren-like noise in North Texas? Here’s an explanation

A loud siren-like noise that Haslet, Texas residents have been hearing was caused by a locomotive operated by a service partner for the city, BNSF Railway confirmed in a statement Wednesday.

The city received reports of a low- to mid-range frequency noise in Haslet “never heard before,” Haslet Mayor Gary Hulsey said in a statement Tuesday.

Haslet is about 16 miles north of Fort Worth.

The noise was reported to be heard “intermittently” throughout the day and during the night, waking residents from their sleep.

City officials said that they confirmed with neighboring jurisdictions that no sirens or early warning devices were activated or were malfunctioning.

The noise was suspected to be caused by electric train locomotives, according to the city’s statement.

BNSF Railway told the Star-Telegram in a statement Wednesday, “BNSF determined the source of the noise was the locomotive of a service partner that does some switching for us in Haslet. The unit has been isolated and removed from service for repair.”

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“It’s definitely coming from the trains... whatever it is,” said a Facebook user commenting on the Tuesday post of the mayor’s statement. “Yesterday it happened through the day (making wfh awesome) and was pulsating my brains around 11 p.m. Through ear plugs... so hoping this does not continue.”

Another Facebook user commented, “How do we make it stop though?... last night it was at 3 am!”

City officials said Tuesday that recordings of the sound and complaints were forwarded to BNSF Railway for investigation, in hopes of getting an explanation and resolution to the problem.

Any further complaints regarding the noise can be sent to Hulsey at ghulsey@haslet.org.