#CBCfit: Rowing your way to a killer body

#CBCfit: Rowing your way to a killer body

#CBCfit will search for the best way to break a sweat.

Edmonton AM director Tim Adams and personal trainer Chris Tse will be hopping into some of best fitness classes in the city centre.

Every week, they'll test out a new heart-pounding program, to help you find the perfect fitness fit.

Hive Fit Co.
10343 Jasper Ave.
12 p.m. - 12:50 p.m.
Cost: $20

If you're looking to dip your toes into a new kind of fitness class, Row may be the program for you.

Hosted daily at Hive Fit Co. downtown, the lunch-hour classes are a fitness oasis for those interested in toning up with a high-intensity workout on a rowing machine.

You may be churning away on a water wheel, but this workout is anything but placid.

The gruelling intervals and incessant pulling of oars will force even the fittest of folks to "dig deep."

The classes would be the perfect fit for "fitness fiends" looking for a unique way to keep in shape, said Chris Tse.

"Overall I enjoyed the workout and found it very challenging," Tse said."Rowing can be a very intimidating form of exercise. They are doing a good job at making it attainable by most.

"Rowing is a very technical movement that requires coaching on proper form. But when you get the technique correct, it's a great full-body cardio workout, which is rare."

The room is light and luxurious, with a stunning view of Jasper Avenue, but the high-end feel comes at a cost. A single drop-in class costs $20.

"When you walk into the facility you are met with a very clean, airy environment that feels like a spa," Tse said.

"They do offer quite a few options — Yoga, Row, and Spin — at one of the higher prices in Edmonton, which may be exclusionary for some."

Row focuses on cardiovascular fitness done in short sprint intervals where all participants row in unison with the instructor. The class also includes small upper and lower body drills which target the core, chest, legs, and small muscles in the back.

Though the instructor was kind and attentive and the class regulars were more than welcoming, Tim Adams did have one piece of advice. The classes could be intimidating for people who are just starting to get their feet wet in the gym.

"The crowd here is young and fit, which is fun, but I know that's not always the easiest place to be introduced to exercise. It's also a small room with nowhere to hide and a lot heat," he said.

"The great view of Jasper Avenue was gone part way through the class from all the hot bodies fogging up the windows.

"I found the environment motivated me, but I can see how that could be intimidating."