CEO Of DCF Exchange, Nathaniel Pulsifer, Shares Why Financial Advisors Should Offer Higher-Yield Fixed Income Assets To Clients

Risk averse individuals and retirees use a variety of products and strategies to turn accumulated assets money into income. But it can be difficult to find a decent yield in today’s low rate environment from traditional fixed income sources like bonds, real estate, dividend stocks, annuities, and CD’s. Nathaniel Pulsifer, CEO of DCF Exchange (, offers a little known but innovative higher-yield fixed income alternative for financial advisors and their clients.

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Through his trading company DCF Exchange, Pulsifer supplies financial advisors with higher yield period certain payments from top rated insurance companies. Known as structured settlement annuities, DCF Exchange is an experienced trader of this asset class and its principals have been active participants in the industry for nearly a decade.

Fixed payments from structured settlements are often sold by settlement recipients for a lump sum of cash, and DCF Exchange acquires these payments from sellers around the country. DCF Exchange then distributes these payments through its network of financial advisors. For advisors and their clients, these payments offer a safe alternative fixed income allocation that may generate a higher yield than traditional annuities. Financial advisors and their clients stand to benefit as investors simply pay less for guaranteed income from top rated insurers, and generate a higher yield at a lower price.

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Benefits of Higher-Yield Fixed Income Alternative Assets with DCF Exchange:

  • High credit quality fixed income payments at a discounted price.

  • The highest yield fixed and period certain income-generating options available.

  • Backed by the largest names in the insurance industry.

  • DCF Exchange supports financial advisors with live-streamed web based inventory and customized selling tools.

  • DCF maintains expert legal and advisory staff to ensure that each transaction is in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and statutes.

  • DCF Exchange is the only resource to be recommended by key industry watchdogs.

  • DCF Exchange is a high tech, efficient distributor of income streams to advisors all over the country. Fast turnaround, and exceptional attention to detail.

  • Immediate and deferred income stream options, as well as lump sums.

  • Purchasers can be any age.

  • A unique, lesser-known innovative solution to period certain, fixed income with no volatility.

DCF Exchange offers structured settlement payments as a higher yield safe investment option that produces a stable rate of return for investors. Quite simply, because these payments have a higher yield, they cost less than comparable annuities offering similar benefits.

DCF Exchange is co-owned by Pulsifer and his business partner Ross Pearlstone, a retired Wall Street interest rates trader and math whiz, and together they have built the tools and systems to operate efficiently and with exacting accuracy

Learn more about how these higher-yield fixed income alternative assets help advisors stand out in the financial industry on the DCF Exchange website.