The Chainsmokers surprise students with impromptu performance at high school prom

Photo from Twitter
Photo from Twitter

A class of high school seniors in Chicago got the surprise of a lifetime when pop duo The Chainsmokers showed up to play a set at their prom.

According to the Chicago Daily Herald, The Chainsmokers — made up of DJs Alex Pall and Drew Taggart — appeared unexpectedly at Chicago’s Hyatt Rosemont Hotel and started to perform at the Huntley High School senior prom.

The Chainsmokers posted a photo taken from onstage at the prom to Twitter before leaving to play a show at Allstate Arena across the street.

Smartphone videos of the 10-minute set show the duo performing their hit song “Closer” as a sea of happy teens sing along.

So what motivated The Chainsmokers to show up at a random prom? Apparently their manager received an email from a student, so they in turn called the school’s principal, Scott Rowe, to set-up the surprise. They told him they would play at the prom for free, just because.

“It was probably the toughest secret I’ve ever kept, because I knew the kids were going to go crazy for it,” Rowe told The Daily Herald. “It says a lot about those guys and how cool they are to their fans.”

And it may not be the last prom they play, at least according to the band’s Twitter account: