Chaotic video shows massive moose chasing skiers down Wyoming mountain. ‘Go faster!’

A video shows the chaotic moment a massive moose raced skiers down a Wyoming mountain.

A skier filmed the chaos and appears to do a double take as he realizes the moose has taken chase down the Jackson Hole slope, the Feb. 4 video shows.

“I did not have Moose chasing us down the Mtn on my bingo card,” Kenny Rynearson said in the caption on his Facebook video.

Rynearson films the moose at the top of the run as it trots off to the side of the slope — and then breaks into a canter and then a gallop as it cuts across the run behind Rynearson.

“Woo!” he seems to yell as he realizes what’s happening. “Oh, ok,” he adds as he turns to ski away from the moose.

Rynearson laughs joyfully as he turns the camera to record the moose’s mad dash down the mountain behind him. He yells back to another skier to “go faster!”

“Look out!” someone else yells a moment later.

The video shows several skiers and snowboarders sliding down the slope, the moose running not too far behind them all the while.

“He’s cruisin’!” Rynearson says.

The skiers and the moose start to slow toward the bottom of the run, and the moose closes the distance between Rynearson. Ski patrol tells skiers to move out of the way.

The moose glances toward an offshoot and swerves to make its escape around a snowmobile, its ears flattened as though it’s scared or irritated — or perhaps both.

“I think it got out there by mistake and was more scared than anything,” someone said in the comments.

Several people called the encounter unbelievable, scary, or awesome.

“I bet that was more intense than any jump you have ever hit in your life!” someone said.

“Good thing you’re fast!” another person said.

Some even thought the moose seemed to be having a good time, too.

“That’s a new one!!! I think she was enjoying the run as much as you were!!!” someone said in the comments.

Someone else agreed.

“Seeing it from this angle…it looks like the moose just wanted to join in the fun and run,” they said.

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