Charlotte Knights release schedule for 10th season in uptown’s Truist Field

The Charlotte Knights will open their 10th season at uptown’s Truist Field next April 2. The Knights announced their 150-game International League schedule for the 2024 season Wednesday, and it includes 75 home dates.

The opener will be on a Tuesday night, against Norfolk Tides, Triple-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles.

Some highlights of the schedule:

Home for the holidays: The Knights will play at home on Independence Day (Thursday, July 4), against the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, the Miami Marlins’ top minor league affiliate.

Charlotte also will be home on Labor Day weekend, hosting the Nashville Sounds (Milwaukee Brewers affiliate) on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend. There will be no game on Labor Day.

Opening on the road: The Knights will open the season with a three-game road trip on Easter weekend, March 29-31, at Memphis (St. Louis Cardinals affiliate).

Welcome, strangers: Two teams that have not played in Charlotte since 2019 will visit the Queen City next year — the Worcester Red Sox (Boston Red Sox affiliate) and the Toledo Mud Hens (Detroit Tigers affiliate).

Same series format: For the third straight year, International League teams will play six-game series (Tuesday through Sunday) most weeks. The Knights will have a handful of three-game series.

Tickets?: Season tickets are on sale at 704-274-8300, or at Single-game tickets will go on sale at a later date.

Game times?: The promotional schedule and game times will be announced at a later date.

What about this season?: The Knights have several home dates remaining this season. They are home nightly through Sunday against Durham, and then Sept. 12-17 against Nashville.

Knights’ 2024 schedule


Friday, March 29: at Memphis

Saturday, March 30: at Memphis

Sunday, March 31: at Memphis


Tuesday, April 2: Norfolk

Wednesday, April 3: Norfolk

Thursday, April 4: Norfolk

Friday, April 5: Norfolk

Saturday, April 6: Norfolk

Sunday, April 7: Norfolk

Tuesday, April 9: at Jacksonville

Wednesday, April 10: at Jacksonville

Thursday, April 11: at Jacksonville

Friday, April 12: at Jacksonville

Saturday, April 13: at Jacksonville

Sunday, April 14: at Jacksonville

Tuesday, April 16: Syracuse

Wednesday, April 17: Syracuse

Thursday, April 18: Syracuse

Friday, April 19: Syracuse

Saturday, April 20: Syracuse

Sunday, April 21: Syracuse

Tuesday, April 23: at Lehigh Valley

Wednesday, April 24: at Lehigh Valley

Thursday, April 25: at Lehigh Valley

Friday, April 26: at Lehigh Valley

Saturday, April 27: at Lehigh Valley

Sunday, April 28: at Lehigh Valley

Tuesday, April 30: Memphis


Wednesday, May 1: Memphis

Thursday, May 2: Memphis

Friday, May 3: Memphis

Saturday, May 4: Memphis

Sunday, May 5: Memphis

Tuesday, May 7: at Gwinnett

Wednesday, May 8: at Gwinnett

Thursday, May 9: at Gwinnett

Friday, May 10: at Gwinnett

Saturday, May 11: at Gwinnett

Sunday, May 12: at Gwinnett

Tuesday, May 14: Durham

Wednesday, May 15: Durham

Thursday, May 16: Durham

Friday, May 17: Durham

Saturday, May 18: Durham

Sunday, May 19: Durham

Tuesday, May 21: at Nashville

Wednesday, May 22: at Nashville

Thursday, May 23: at Nashville

Friday, May 24: at Nashville

Saturday, May 25: at Nashville

Sunday, May 26: at Nashville

Tuesday, May 28: Worcester

Wednesday, May 29: Worcester

Thursday, May 30: Worcester

Friday, May 31: Worcester


Saturday, June 1: Worcester

Sunday, June 2: Worcester

Tuesday, June 4: Jacksonville

Wednesday, June 5: Jacksonville

Thursday, June 6: Jacksonville

Friday, June 7: Jacksonville

Saturday, June 8: Jacksonville

Sunday, June 9: Jacksonville

Tuesday, June 11: at Durham

Wednesday, June 12: at Durham

Thursday, June 13: at Durham

Friday, June 14: at Durham

Saturday, June 15: at Durham

Sunday, June 16: at Durham

Tuesday, June 18: Gwinnett

Wednesday, June 19: Gwinnett

Thursday, June 20: Gwinnett

Friday, June 21: Gwinnett

Saturday, June 22: Gwinnett

Sunday, June 23: Gwinnett

Tuesday, June 25: at Norfolk

Wednesday, June 26: at Norfolk

Thursday, June 27: at Norfolk

Friday, June 28: at Norfolk

Saturday, June 29: at Norfolk

Sunday, June 30: at Norfolk


Monday, July 1: at Jacksonville

Tuesday, July 2: at Jacksonville

Wednesday, July 3: at Jacksonville

Thursday, July 4: Jacksonville

Friday, July 5: Jacksonville

Saturday, July 6: Jacksonville

Tuesday, July 9: Durham

Wednesday, July 10: Durham

Thursday, July 11: Durham

Friday, July 12: Durham

Saturday, July 13: Durham

Sunday, July 14: Durham

Monday-Thursday, July 15-18: All Star break

Friday, July 19: at Gwinnett

Saturday, July 20: at Gwinnett

Sunday, July 21: at Gwinnett

Tuesday, July 23: at Nashville

Wednesday, July 24: at Nashville

Thursday, July 25: at Nashville

Friday, July 26: at Nashville

Saturday, July 27: at Nashville

Sunday, July 28: at Nashville

Tuesday, July 30: Norfolk

Wednesday, July 31: Norfolk


Thursday, August 1: Norfolk

Friday, August 2: Norfolk

Saturday, August 3: Norfolk

Sunday, August 4: Norfolk

Tuesday, August 6: at Louisville

Wednesday, August 7: at Louisville

Thursday, August 8: at Louisville

Friday, August 9: at Louisville

Saturday, August 10: at Louisville

Sunday, August 11: at Louisville

Tuesday, August 13: Toledo

Wednesday, August 14: Toledo

Thursday, August 15: Toledo

Friday, August 16: Toledo

Saturday, August 17: Toledo

Sunday, August 18: Toledo

Tuesday, August 20: at Memphis

Wednesday, August 21: at Memphis

Thursday, August 22: at Memphis

Friday, August 23: at Memphis

Saturday, August 24: at Memphis

Sunday, August 25: at Memphis

Tuesday, August 27: Nashville

Wednesday, August 28: Nashville

Thursday, August 29: Nashville

Friday, August 30: Nashville

Saturday, August 31: Nashville


Sunday, September 1: Nashville

Tuesday, September 3: at Norfolk

Wednesday, September 4: at Norfolk

Thursday, September 5: at Norfolk

Friday, September 6: at Norfolk

Saturday, September 7: at Norfolk

Sunday, September 8: at Norfolk

Tuesday, September 10: Jacksonville

Wednesday, September 11: Jacksonville

Thursday, September 12: Jacksonville

Friday, September 13: Jacksonville

Saturday, September 14: Jacksonville

Sunday, September 15: Jacksonville

Tuesday, September 17: at Syracuse

Wednesday, September 18: at Syracuse

Thursday, September 19: at Syracuse

Friday, September 20: at Syracuse

Saturday, September 21: at Syracuse

Sunday, September 22: at Syracuse