‘Charming’ dog has spent 400 days at NC shelter. See him treated to a day at the beach

A “charming” dog has spent over 400 days in a North Carolina shelter — and got out to enjoy a day at the beach, photos show.

Vegas the 11-year-old boxer mix had a blast as he spent time soaking up the sun Feb. 21, according to the Carteret County Humane Society and Animal Shelter.

“He loved every single second,” the organization wrote in a Facebook post. “Vegas wrapped up his beach day with a tasty hamburger before returning to the shelter.”

Photos shared online show Vegas had his paws in the sand as he strolled along the shore. A volunteer took him on the field trip while he continues to wait for a home.

Vegas went up for adoption after he was surrendered in early January 2023. His owner thought he was being “nippy,” which the shelter believes is a sign that he wanted to play, according to social media posts and an online adoption profile.

Now, more than a year later, Vegas has become one of the shelter’s longest residents. He spends his time watching other dogs start their new chapters but keeps being overlooked, the shelter said in a Facebook post written from Vegas’ perspective.

“I am not sure why but if you would really ‘look’ at me, you would see I am nothing but love,” the shelter wrote Feb. 6, just before Vegas marked his 400th day in its care.

Vegas is known for being a “charming” senior dog — with “a lot of pep in his (step).”

“Despite his age, Vegas is full of life and playfulness, showcasing adorable puppy-like zoomies when excited,” the animal organization wrote. “Best suited for a home without other dogs, cats, or children, Vegas is eagerly awaiting the perfect person to share his golden years with.”

As of Feb. 22, Vegas was still in need of a new owner. Details about the shelter’s adoption process can be found at cchsshelter.com.

The humane society didn’t immediately share additional details with McClatchy News on Feb. 23. The shelter is in Newport, roughly 140 miles southeast of Raleigh and near the popular coastal towns of Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle.

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