These are the cheapest AirPods alternatives we can find — only $10

The SoundLiberty 53 next to their case.

We’re living in an era where people are taking the extra time to find cheap alternatives to expensive brands. And while there are a ton of AirPods alternatives, none quite hit the low price tag itch like this pair from TaoTronics. And, that’s before they went on sale. Grab the SoundLiberty 53 for just $9, down from $16, while this deal lasts and finally get something that looks like the latest AirPods and works great, but won’t break the bank. Tap the button below to check them out for yourself or keep reading to see why people are liking these earbuds so much.


Why you should buy the SoundLiberty 53

The biggest draw to the SoundLiberty 53 is the cost to time used ratio. They’re cheap but not so cheaply made that they are going to crumble on you. To put it into perspective, if you used these headphones on one charge (they have an estimated 50 hours of battery life) and then threw them away afterwards, you would be paying about 18 cents per hour of usage. The fact that they’re IPX8 water resistant suggests, however, that they’re going to have have a lot long life than that. Granted, you’re unlikely to want to throw them away. The SoundLiberty 53 are quite loved by users, who find that they give a quality beat and fit comfortably. You’ll also enjoy being able to use them in multiple usage modes. They can take calls and even be used one at a time, freeing up your other ear for conversation.

While the SoundLiberty 53 won’t have extra features when they sync to your iPhone the way AirPods would, they do have a very similar look. The ear-conforming shape of the bud combined with the stick makes for a fairly convincing imitation. In many ways, this makes the SoundLiberty 53 a perfect gift for a kid, possibly as a stepping stone before getting fancier earbuds once they’ve proved themselves responsible.

To grab your SoundLiberty 53 for $9, $7 less than the already low $16 they usually are, just tap the button below. Or, keep shopping for earbuds with these headphones and earbuds deals. You won’t find anything that costs as little as the SoundLiberty 53, of course, but it is okay to want an upgrade.