The 'Love Is Blind' reunion skipped over Chelsea and Jimmy's major relationship update

  • The "Love Is Blind" season six reunion barely touched on Jimmy and Chelsea's relationship.

  • He picked Chelsea over Jessica, but the two fought all season long before splitting in the finale.

  • But it turns out that wasn't the end of their story.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the "Love Is Blind" season six reunion.

Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell were the couple that made it out of "Love Is Blind" season six's messiest love square. But the drama didn't stop once they left the pods.

Initially, Jimmy was torn between Chelsea and single mom Jessica Vestal while Chelsea was torn between Jimmy and Trevor Sova. Ultimately, Jimmy proposed to Chelsea after a contentious breakup with Jess, but things started to get dicey between Jimmy and Chelsea almost immediately.

Their first conversation at the reveal went south when Jimmy told Chelsea he'd been on the verge of going home, leading Chelsea to shut down and wonder whether Jimmy felt like she wasn't what he expected. Jimmy also said in a confessional after seeing her in person that Chelsea lied to him about how she looked, i.e., not like Megan Fox.

After a season of near-constant fighting, the two ultimately never made it to the altar, breaking up right before the wedding. But fans were left wondering whether that was truly the end of their relationship.

While that question wasn't addressed at the reunion on Wednesday, the couple did reveal what happened in the immediate aftermath of filming in interviews.

Jimmy and Chelsea briefly dated after 'Love Is Blind'

The "Love Is Blind" season six reunion spent more time on Jessica criticizing Jimmy for speaking negatively about her to the press than it did on Jimmy's actual engagement. But in interviews published after the reunion, Chelsea and Jimmy revealed that they did try to give their relationship another shot after Jimmy called off the wedding.

"We dated for about two weeks after the show," Jimmy told Entertainment Weekly.

According to Jimmy, he "gave her some space" for about four to five days after the breakup before they went out for coffee together and decided to try dating again. They even went on a date on what would have been their wedding day.

But in the end, it didn't work out. Jimmy said he believed that Chelsea still resented him for ending their engagement and he was "really pissed off" that she'd revealed his past sexual relationship with his female friend on-camera after he told her about it in confidence. He broke up with Chelsea a second time.

"He called me and said he realized he didn't want a relationship," Chelsea told Entertainment Weekly. "This experiment was a lot on him and it just didn't work out."

She said the two didn't speak for months after their second split, but eventually started talking again when they realized how important it was to support one another as the season aired. But Chelsea made clear that they're just friends now and she's "the most single lady on the block."

Jimmy and Chelsea's social media interactions while the season was airing hinted that the two were on friendly terms. Jimmy even took to social media to defend Chelsea amid the hate she was getting over her infamous Megan Fox comparison and her less-than-flattering edit on the show.

"Chelsea is an amazing person and loves so hard. Due to time, a lot of the full story this far wasn't shown," he captioned a photo of the two kissing from the show. "There are reasons we are both fighting for each other and sticking to our promise."

"It's easy to make assumptions off of snippets of our relationship, but I wanted y'all to be easy on my girl," Jimmy continued. "At the end of the day, we are all human, and it took a lot of courage for every one of us to put ourselves out there to find our person."

Chelsea commented on the post: "My lil heart ❤ forever grateful."

Chelsea and Jimmy argued constantly before he called off their engagement in the 'Love Is Blind' finale

From their first face-to-face meeting at the reveal in episode five, Chelsea voiced insecurities over whether Jimmy was really attracted to her and if he regretted choosing her over Jess. Their first major argument happened during the couples' getaway to the Dominican Republic in episode six when Jimmy bizarrely told Chelsea at the couples' meetup on the beach that their costar Amber Desiree "AD" Smith was "stacked."

That argument, and later arguments where Jimmy accused Chelsea of being clingy and she complained about his partying lifestyle, were swept under the rug. The two continued to try to make their relationship work and had successful meetings with each other's friends and relatives.

But then, they drunkenly argued again over Jimmy going out frequently, with Chelsea accusing him of lying to her about his social habits in the pods. This devolved into Chelsea confronting Jimmy over having had sex with one of his closest female friends in the past, which he'd confessed to her off-camera — the infamous "I know you fucked her!" moment from all the season teasers.

Chelsea and Jimmy on Love Is Blind
"I know you fucked her!"Netflix

Jimmy seemed pretty set on not getting married the next morning after that argument, feeling betrayed that Chelsea brought up on camera something he'd told her in confidence. But after Chelsea cried and apologized, Jimmy forgave her and said he was willing to continue to work through their problems.

The two seemingly overcame their biggest hurdle when they finally met the people they didn't choose in the pods.

At the pod squad barbecue meet-up in episode 10, Jimmy came face-to-face with Jessica for the first time and told her she was still his No. 1 in the pods. He also admitted to the cameras that he was physically attracted to her. Despite the intense conversation, it was pretty clear that the door was closed on their relationship and they were both moving on.

At the same meet-up in episode 11, Chelsea spoke to Trevor in person for the first time. She opened up to him about her problems with Jimmy and the fights they'd been having. She also admitted that it was hard not to think about Trevor sometimes and noticed he still had the bracelet she gave him. Regardless, she didn't seem hung up on Trevor, and the conversation was more about her relationship with Jimmy.

Chelsea and Jimmy on Love Is Blind episode 11
Will they make it to the altar?Netflix

In episode 11, Jimmy and Chelsea had a lighthearted and fun day at the amusement park — their last date before the bachelor/bachelorette parties and the wedding. When Jimmy asked Chelsea where she stood on getting married, she reassured him that she did feel like they could be married — only for Jimmy to pull a fast one and tell her that, actually, he didn't want to go to the altar after all.

A blindsided and emotional Chelsea told Jimmy she felt like he was never even trying to get married and demanded to know why he acted normal and loving the entire day only to spring this on her. She tried to argue with him, telling him that fights like the ones they've had are just what marriage is.

"I feel like you've known you were gonna say no this entire time and you just wasted my time," Chelsea told Jimmy.

But Jimmy was steadfast in his decision not to marry Chelsea, saying it wasn't one argument but "five or six really big issues." He specifically pointed to the fight where Chelsea revealed on camera that he'd had sex with one of his female friends in the past as the moment he knew he couldn't go through with it, saying he felt he couldn't trust her after that.

Jimmy told Chelsea he loved her and said being on "Love Is Blind" and finding her was the greatest thing he'd done. He also said before "that damn argument" about his past with his friend, he was "so set" on marrying her.

Unfortunately, Jimmy wasn't able to overcome that breach of trust, even after they reunited after their first split.

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