Chicago Auto Show 2024 | Tickets, dates and how to attend

It's February, so that means it's time to head out to Chicago for the 2024 Chicago Auto Show. It's the 116th show held, with the first exhibition way back in 1901.

Here are the details if you'd like to attend:

When is the Chicago Auto Show?

The Chicago Show has its press and industry days on February 8-9. And then on Saturday, February 10, the show opens to the public. The final public day will be February 19. Hours for the public days are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. except for February 11 where it closes at 6 p.m. and February 19 where it closes at 8 p.m.



Where is the Chicago Auto Show

The show is at McCormick Place, as always. The exact address is 2301 S. King Dr, Chicago, Illinois, 60616. The exhibits (show floor map link here) are limited to just the South Hall this year, versus in years past they spread across both the North and the South Halls. A number of restaurants are open inside the convention center for food on site.

How much are the tickets for the Chicago Auto Show 2024?

Tickets will be available at the convention center during public days. Tickets are also available online at this link. Pricing is $17 for adults, $12 for seniors 62 and older and for children 4 to 12. Children under 3 (part of the same family and with purchase of an adult ticket) are free.

Is the Chicago Auto Show good for kids?

Like we mentioned above, kids under 3 years old get in for free, and those from 4-12 years old will be $12. Kids should have a great time at the Chicago Auto Show with all of the cars that are unlocked for them to hop in and experience. Plus, there are ride opportunities available that you'll be able to bring children on such as Ford's Built Wild mountain, Hyundai's EV test track and other outdoor test drives/rides.

Chicago Auto Show Parking and Public Transportation

McCormick Place has parking garages for visitors. Prices vary based on the lot. Lot B is the most affordable with parking at $16, and Lots A and C are $25. Parking after 6 p.m. is reduced to $11 for all three lots. Additionally, there are two bus routes with stops at McCormick Place (#3 King Drive and #21 Cermak). There is a CTA train station half a mile from the convention center, plus shuttles running from Metra stations to the show. You can find more information on all of these, here.

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