Here is what Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Monday at the annual NFL meetings

There may be no games during the NFL offseason, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something happening in the league.

After the Super Bowl comes the NFL Combine that is held mostly in the month of March. Then comes free agency. Offseason workouts begin in April, along with the NFL Draft.

Minicamps and OTAs are held from April to June and then it’s time for training camp to start in July.

There’s not much time to sit back and, say, savor a Super Bowl championship. That’s the point Chiefs coach Andy Reid made Monday to Howard Eskin of Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

Reid was interviewed during the annual NFL meetings in Phoenix at the AFC Coaches Breakfast.

“It was great for both teams. It was a great game that could have gone either way,” Reid said of the Chiefs’ 38-35 win in Super Bowl LVII. “The crazy part about it when you’re living it is that it’s over. So you’ve moved on. I mean, we’re done with it.

“By the time the parade was over I was working on our staff for the next year, and then from there, putting together the calendar for the offseason programs and putting together screening evaluations and working through that. The league moves so fast so you’re not sitting there, basking in the sun and enjoying it. You’re on to the next year.”

Here are other highlights from the media availability with Reid.

Reid’s future

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk spoke to Reid and asked him about making the Hall of Fame after his retirement.

“I don’t look at all that. I’m just trying to win another game. That’s kind of how I go about it,” Reid said. “But I don’t look at all that stuff. If all that happens, it happens. There’s too many other things. You don’t look back in this business, or you better not look back in this business.”

Hours before Super Bowl LVII, there was a report that Reid was pondering retirement. He said after the game that it was a misunderstanding.

Reid told Florio he’s taking things year by year.

“That’s where I’m at right now,” Reid said. “I don’t feel like I want to retire. I know I’m on the other side of it. I don’t know where the other side ends.”

Eric Bieniemy’s opportunity

“Ron’s (Washington coach Ron Rivera) main focus is defense. He’s the head coach,” Reid said. “So he has to do both, but he’s got that defensive background. This will give EB an opportunity to move in and run the whole show, get my name out of it and put his name on it. And I think that that’s important right now. So I was for it. As much as I miss him, I was for it. Because he deserves an opportunity. Nobody works harder than EB does, so he deserves that opportunity to become a head coach.

“I think this will allow people to see his personality. See how he handles the whole squad. Calling plays, everything,you know, the whole show, and I think that’ll help him for a head coaching spot.

“I’m a big EB fan. He’s a hard worker, smart. Very organized. Demanding. He’s going to make sure everybody’s doing their job. He’s not afraid of confrontation, where somebody is not pulling their weight. He’s gonna make them pull their weight and I think you’ll like what you get.”

Jordan Love viral moment

Reid was asked about Jordan Love, the presumptive Packers starting quarterback. Love has made one career start and it was against the Chiefs in the 2021 season.

Bears fans loved Reid’s reaction, and the video went viral.

Reid’s talk with Toney

Paul Schwartz of the New York Post asked Reid about wide receiver Kadarius Toney, whom the Chiefs acquired last season in a trade with the Giants.

Reid spoke with Toney before his touchdown catch in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. After the defense held the Eagles, Toney’s record-setting punt return set up the Chiefs’ next touchdown.

“He wasn’t playing much up to that point and his number wasn’t getting dialed up just with the plays we had we were calling,” Reid told Schwartz. “I wanted to make sure he wasn’t frustrated. He kept himself together and he was able to put together those two plays that were phenomenal.”