Chiefs L’Jarius Sneed showed off athleticism by hurdling cameraman at Super Bowl

Chiefs cornerback L’Jarius Sneed had three tackles in Super Bowl LVIII and one pass defense.

Those were his officials stats, but Sneed also made one of the game’s more athletic plays. However, it wasn’t on the field of play.

This came after 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy had hoped to connect with Deebo Samuel on a pass. That didn’t happen and Samuel and Sneed ran through the back of the end zone.

Samuel darted between two photographers, including one who was down on a knee. That photographer was directly in the path of Sneed, who leaped over the man.

While Sneed was on the “Up & Adams Show” last week, host Kay Adams called it an unheralded play.

“He came right before my eyes. I didn’t see him at first and I just jumped, tried to leap over him and it was successful,” Sneed said of the moment.

Yes, it was successful. And a heck of a play. Take a look at the video from X user Burnouts3: