Chiefs’ Travis Kelce caught Taylor Swift’s attention before they dated, SNL star says

Kurt Lightning may have had a hand in the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift romance.

Kelce, the Chiefs tight end, played demented self-defense instructor Kurt Lightning in a video by the Please Don’t Destroy trio of Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy.

That was when Kelce hosted “Saturday Night Live” last March, and he apparently made a good impression on Swift, the international singing star.

Marshall, Higgins and Herlihy were on Mike Birbiglia’s “Working It Out” podcast and they talked about Swift. Birbiglia had appeared in Swift’s music video for her song, “Anti-Hero.” She also worked with the Please Don’t Destroy guys on “Three Sad Virgins,” which aired in 2021.

“We worked with both Taylor and Travis Kelce before they got together,” Marshall said. “And we can cut this out if you guys don’t want to say this but, she kind of told us that she watched his SNL episode and saw him in our video and was like, ‘This guy seems funny.’ So a little bit brought them together.”

Kelce and Swift began seeing each other in August, five months after Kelce hosted “SNL.”

The trio thought about dropping that nugget when they were on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last fall, but feared if the couple split up they’d be blamed.

“I think that if then they break up, we will somehow be, like, pinned as causing this disaster,” Marshall said. “It’s just a very precarious situation. People have strong feelings.”

Here is a clip of the interview.

And this was the Kurt Lightning skit.