Chinese man forced to wear sign apologizing for not handing all his wages to his wife

A Chinese husband kneels outside partially naked with a sign around his neck to apologize after his wife caught him secretly pocketing part of his wage.

An apologetic husband was made to kneel outside partially naked with a sign round his neck after pocketing some of his wages instead of giving them all to his wife.

In China, the man traditionally hands over his entire wage packet each month to the wife, who usually manages the family's financial affairs.

Yul Pan, however, is one of many Chinese husbands who secretly pocket some of their wage for their own use.

But Mr Pan, 34, left the money in his trousers - and his wife found it when she went to wash them.

Furious, she threw him out and told him he would not be allowed back until he performed a suitable apology in which the neighbours also realised that he had been shirking his responsibilities as a husband and a provider.

Obligingly, he stripped off his shirt, put the sign that she had provided around his neck, and sat in the courtyard repeating over and over again how sorry he was until she finally allowed back inside.

A small crowd gathered to witness the man's embarrassment in the city of Hangzhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province.

The sign said: 'My dear and wonderful wife, I know I made a mistake, I will hand in all my payments in the future.'