Chris Cuomo responds to Trump's attack: 'All I wanted was for you to get well'

Stephen Proctor
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On Cuomo Prime Time Monday night, Chris Cuomo responded to an attack by President Trump at a rally in Arizona earlier in the day. Trump first railed against CNN for its reporting on COVID-19 and referred to people at the network as “dumb bastards,” before setting his sights specifically on Cuomo, who tested positive for COVID-19 in March.

“I watch this guy who’s got lousy ratings. Fredo. You know Fredo? Got horrible ratings,” Trump said. “He’s talking about the pandemic, that’s all they talk about, ya know? I don’t know, he said he had it. I’m not sure he had it. He went to the basement, it’s the only time his ratings were up. People wanted to see what was gonna happen. He’ll probably get it again even though, in theory, you’re not supposed to be able to.”

“I’m sure you do want me to get sick again,” Cuomo responded, “but all I wanted was for you to get well. And I [don’t] want others to suffer because I take no joy in other people’s pain, and neither should you.”

Cuomo also responded to Trump’s assertion that Americans are tired of hearing about COVID-19, and his repeated attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading epidemiologist, who has drawn the president’s ire in the past for contradicting the president on the facts of the pandemic.

“We’re all tired of COVID. Hell yeah, we are. Seven months, but this president is clearly part of the problem,” Cuomo said. “And again, we must all implore him, let people help us. Let people in the government do what they can. Stop attacking the scientists and the science, please. Stop telling your people to expose themselves and the virus, please.”

While switching over to CNN Tonight With Don Lemon, who has also been personally attacked by Trump, Lemon had some advice for Cuomo for the next time he’s attacked by the president.

“When he says things about you, just ignore it,” Lemon said. “Don’t punch down. That’s it.” “I ignore it,” Cuomo replied, “it’s the hordes of his followers who act on it.” Lemon responded, “Ignore them as well.”

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