Cinnabon Secret Menu Items You Need To Try

Cinnabon OREO Bon and TurtleBon
Cinnabon OREO Bon and TurtleBon - Cinnabon / Facebook

If you've been wanting to change up your regular Cinnabon order, it's high time you discovered the bakery chain's secret menu. There seems to always be a list of secret menu items floating around the internet for any given restaurant. Bored employees mix and match ingredients. Regular customers who know the menu like the back of their hands start asking for unusual pairings. Now, with just a few tips, you'll be ordering off the Cinnabon secret menu like a pro.

If you scoured the internet for Cinnabon's secret menu items before the fall of 2023, you wouldn't find anything. So, Cinnabon solved this problem by creating and posting its own secret menu on its website on National Cinnamon Roll Day (October 4th). We're hoping that this officially sanctioned secret menu will inspire some more employee and fan creativity in the future, like maybe mixing the smaller BonBites into a Chillata blended drink or drizzling strawberry sauce from a Chillata onto a cinnamon roll.

There are currently four secret menu items hidden on the Cinnabon website beyond the menu page. You'll even find them on the delivery menu. To get them, start by ordering an existing product like a classic cinnamon roll or mini cinnamon rolls but ask for it with the secret menu item flavor. The four secret menu items you can now order at Cinnabon include a TurtleBon, Caramel Lover, Cookie BonBite Sandwich, and an OREO Bon. It's probably time to give one of these open secrets a try.

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TurtleBon - Michael Palan/Static Media

The TurtleBon takes its inspiration from Nestle caramel turtles candy. The classic candy has a gooey caramel and pecan middle surrounded by a chocolate shell. So, a TurtleBon incorporates all of the components of the candy atop a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. Customers who have tried it have likened it to a sticky bun, calling it "rich" and "decadent" and saying that it "comes together nicely" (via YouTube).

The TurtleBon secret menu item treat starts as a Classic, MiniBon, Center of the Roll, or BonBites cinnamon roll. So, it already comes with the normal cream cheese frosting. However, the TurtleBon version also gets a drizzle of caramel sauce, some Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, and a handful of pecans. Depending on what you asked to be TurtleBonned, the cost typically ranges between $5.19 and $6.69 (prices may vary by location).

The caramel and pecans come from the Caramel Pecan Center of the Roll and the Caramel PecanBon baked treats, while the chocolate sauce is normally available to top blended, iced, and hot beverages from the menu. So, as long as there's a regular menu item with pecans and caramel and a drink with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce, you should be able to order a TurtleBon.

Caramel Lover

Caramel Lover
Caramel Lover - Michael Palan/Static Media

If you're a fan of caramel, you'll be amazed at how caramel features on the Cinnabon secret menu. The Caramel Lover has not one but two different types of caramel. So, if you like the buttery, sweet, and creamy flavor of caramel, you won't want to miss giving it a try.

The Caramel Lover starts with a Classic, MiniBon, Center of the Roll, or BonBites, all of which come with cream cheese frosting. Then, it gets frosted again with caramel frosting and drizzled with caramel sauce. The cost ranges from $5.19 to $6.69 depending on your location and which product you asked to be caramel bombed. With cream cheese frosting and two types of caramel, it's sweet enough that you also might want to ask to go lighter on all the caramel instead of overloading it.

The Caramel Lover is essentially a Caramel PecanBon without the pecans. So, if you're not in the mood for pecans, but you are in the mood for caramel, it's an easy change of order to say that you want a Caramel Lover instead. Since we don't see caramel frosting on any other regular menu item, this secret menu item will likely only be around as long as the Caramel PecanBon is available unless something else with caramel frosting shows up on the menu. Without the addition of chocolate and/or nuts, the Caramel Lover allows more of the original cinnamon roll flavor to shine through with a buttery and creamy caramel overtone.

Cookie BonBite Sandwich

Cookie BonBite Sandwich
Cookie BonBite Sandwich - Michael Palan/Static Media

Cookie BonBite Sandwiches are kind of genius. The Cookie BonBite Sandwich includes two cookies held together with a frosted center. However, these aren't ordinary cookies, and the frosting isn't ordinary frosting. So, it's nothing like you've ever tasted before.

Making Cookie BonBite Sandwiches requires two Cookie BonBites stuffed with the classic cream cheese frosting that normally comes on its cinnamon rolls. If you're not familiar with Cookie BonBites, they're soft chocolate chip cookies with a cinnamon roll middle. These cookies first appeared in 2017, and they're a hit any time they're on the menu. So, if you can't decide between a chocolate chip cookie and a cinnamon roll, these Cookie BonBites are really the best of both worlds. Since the cookies are plump and rounded on top where they've risen in the oven with all their ingredients, the shape is more orb-like than your average stuffed cookies.

As long as there are Cookie BonBites on the menu, you should be able to ask for a Cookie BonBite Sandwich. However, you'll want to be aware that it's the most expensive secret menu item, typically costing $6.99.


OREO Bon - Michael Palan/Static Media

The OREO bon isn't the nicest looking secret menu item we've ever seen, but it seems to make OREO lovers pretty happy, especially when the cinnamon rolls are still warm from the oven. It combines the flavors of cinnamon, cream cheese, chocolate, and OREO cookies for something completely new.

The OREO Bon starts with a Classic cinnamon roll, MiniBon, Center of the Roll, or BonBites. So, it already has plenty of creamy cream cheese frosting on top. Then, it's drizzled with Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and topped with classic OREO cookie crumbles. The cost depends on which type of cinnamon roll product you start with and ranges from $5.19 to $6.69, though prices may vary by location.

Looking at the regular Cinnabon menu, it's clear that the OREO Bon takes its extra ingredients from the OREO Cookies & Cream Chillatta and from the chocolate sauce used on various hot and cold beverages. Assuming that the Chillatta flavor is here to stay (it was part of the original Chillatta lineup in 2017), it should be easy to order this secret menu item for the foreseeable future.

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